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Excellence in Practice Series - 2016

Nigel MurrayDr Nigel Murray

Chief Executive, Waikato District Health Board

Time: 4.30pm, Thursday 24 November 2016

Venue: MSB.1.36 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

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Creating Sustainable Leadership-in-Governance:

An Important Tango

Brad JacksonBrad Jackson

Head of School of Government and professor of public and community leadership at Victoria University of Wellington.

Brought to you by Corporate & Executive Education, Waikato Management School and the Community & Enterprise Leadership Foundation

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When: Saturday 29 October 2016

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: MSB.1.21 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

Parking: Gate 10, Silverdale Road, Hamilton

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University Alumni and current students: $250 
Other: $400

The leadership of the board is a core process in governing any organisation. Good leadership can ‘energise’ governance, while good governance can serve to sustain leadership over the long haul. Alternatively, poor leadership can derail good governance and bad governance can thwart and undermine good leadership. 

The leadership-in-governance framework specifies four distinct relationships in which board leadership is exercised: among directors, with shareholders, through management, and with key stakeholders. We will apply the framework in this workshop to a number of case studies as well as the organisations that you currently govern, lead or manage within. We will examine how individual and collective leadership behaviours interact with governance processes in these key relationships to shape the decisions of the board. 

Brad Jackson

Professor Brad Jackson is the Head of School of Government and professor of public and community leadership at Victoria University of Wellington. He has also been the Head of School of Management and Director of the Centre for the Study of Leadership at Victoria. More recently he has been the Fletcher Building Education Trust Chair in Leadership and Co-Director of the New Zealand Leadership Institute at The University of Auckland Business School.

Jackson has spoken to academic and practitioner audiences throughout the world and has published five books—Management Gurus and Management FashionsThe Hero ManagerOrganisational Behaviour in New ZealandA Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership and Demystifying Business Celebrity and edited the Sage Handbook of Leadership and Major Works in Leadership. He currently teaches in the areas of Leadership, Leading Change, Public Policy and Management Practice and Social Enterprise. 

Excellence in Practice Series - 2016

Nigel MurrayDr Nigel Murray

Chief Executive, Waikato District Health Board

Time: 4.30pm, Thursday 24 November 2016

Venue: MSB.1.36 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

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Previous Presentations

Minister FlavellMinister Flavell

Friday 5 August 2016 - Minister Te Ururoa Flavell, Māori Development - "Behind the Beltway".

Venue: MSB.1.36 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

Māori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell joins us to give off-the-cuff insights to how legislation is formed and the role public opinion plays in political decision making. He’ll also share with the audience perspectives on what happens behind the scenes in Parliament, and how the numbers game works under MMP.

Leadership and Disruption

Dr Simon Ewing-Jarvie - Hon Heather Roy Dr Simon Ewing-Jarvie - Chief Disruption Officer: Torquepoint Ltd
Hon Heather Roy - Chief Engagement Officer: Torquepoint Ltd

Brought to you by Corporate & Executive Education, Waikato Management School and the Community & Enterprise Leadership Foundation

When: Friday 2 September 2016

Time:9am - 1pm

Venue: MSB.1.36 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

Parking:Gate 10, Silverdale Road, Hamilton

University Alumni and current students: $150 
Other: $200

During this session you’ll be introduced to:

  • The application of disruption in a NZ business context 
  • Leadership in a market undergoing rapid innovation cycles 
  • Rapid start-ups and the role of experiential learning 
  • The development of non-static organisational resilience 
  • The use of business simulations to develop and test plans

This session will be focussed on the development of real-life lessons that can be applied by leaders directly in workplaces. Much has been written and discussed about disruption, innovation and creative leverage but most of this involves repeating the words of others. We believe that adults are experiential learners who learn best by failing. This session will be based around a rolling simulation set in a real world industry with real disruption at the core of the problem. Participants will be assigned to all aspects of the ‘market’ from competitors and customers to government regulators, media and more. There will be plenty of surprises along the way and we anticipate a vigorous ‘hot-wash’ of lessons learned at the end. Some preparatory and background material will be sent out closer to the date. Grab a valuable FOUR hours CPD all in one informative and value-packed morning!

Liz Blackwell

Liz Blackwell Friday 27 May 2016 - Liz Blackwell, Owner of the New Zealand Breakers Basketball team - "What Drives our Incredible Journey".

Venue: MSB.1.02 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

Liz and her husband Paul, are credited with the success of their National Basketball League Team winning four out of the last five seasons.

Along with juggling a basketball team, family life and various business interests, you are invited to come and hear Liz talk about what drives her and their incredible journey.

Excellence in Practice Series

We are pleased to invite you to our Excellence in Practice Series featuring industry leaders from New Zealand and overseas talking about their experiences and how they have navigated through today's complexity of change.

All presentations are held:

Time:         1 - 2pm
Venue:       Level 1, Waikato Management School 
Parking:    Gate 10, Silverdale Road, Hamilton. ($2 cost). Payment should be made by the “pay by plate machines” in the parking area. Just follow the question/prompts on the screen. You do not need to take anything back to your vehicle, the electronic system will know you have paid as the first step is to “enter your registration number”.

The presentations are free and places are limited, please RSVP to Lyn on  or 0800 800 891.  

View our presentations below, for previous years just click on the year.

  • 2016 Series
  • 2015 Series
  • 2014 Series
  • 2013 Series
  • 2012 Series
  • 2011 Series

2015 Presentations

 Craig TamblynFriday 23 October 2015 - Craig Tamblyn, CEO, Hospice Waikato - "How I recognised when my ‘WHY’ had become clouded".

Venue: MSB.1.02 - Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato

Successful leaders will recognise and understand the incredibly powerful leadership tool that understanding their WHY offers.

But for each of us, at some time during our careers there will be times when our ‘WHY’ will become lost in the chaos of day to day work pressures, personal drivers and external activities.

As leaders we need to remember to take time refocus, to check that we are still being true to our why. In this presentation I will talk about times in my health career when my ‘WHY’ became cloudy and I lost sight of it altogether and what I had to do to get it back on track.

 BO ZhiyueFriday 3 July 2015 - Professor BO Zhiyue from Victoria University - a leading authority on Chinese elite politics in the world - "New Look of China:  Economic Transition and Political Dynamics".    

Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China has entered a new era with distinctive characteristics in economic development and political dynamics. In contrast to the preceding decade of hypo-growth, Xi’s administration is faced with three major challenges: economic slowdown; structural readjustment; and the discovery of new engines of growth. In the meantime, Chinese politics have also exhibited some new features: power concentration in one-man; a wide-ranging anti-corruption campaign; bureaucratic paralysis; and lack of qualified candidates for vacancies at various levels. 

Professor BO Zhiyue will provide a historical framework for understanding China’s most recent development and project future trajectories of economic and political development in the remaining years of Xi Jinping’s leadership.

Friday 14 August 2015 - Chris Clarke, CEO World Vision - Leadership in Crisis:  When the "Boat turns into a Banana"

Chris Clarke Chris Clarke joined World Vision (NZ) in January 2010 as CEO.    Previously, Chris spent 22 years in health management in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and with the World Health Organisation in Europe. His most recent position was as the CEO for the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board.

He is the first Praxis Visiting Scholar at Green Templeton College Oxford University where his main focus is on executive leadership development.  His qualifications are in law and commerce.

Chris holds a number of community roles including Trustee of Te Whakaora Tangata,  Trustee of the Arrow Leadership Programme, and Vice President of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship.    As CEO of World Vision Chris has travelled to many parts of the world, the most recent being a visit to refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan and Lebanon. He is a compelling and thought provoking public speaker, drawing on his life experience to engage audiences. Chris is motivated by his passion to alleviate poverty, and his belief that we can create a world fit for all children to thrive.  

Chris will reflect on his experiences leading an organisation through an enduring crisis, including reflecting on what worked and did not work and the professional and personal demands it puts on the CEO and leadership teams.

To be Advised - Simon Moutter, CEO Spark - "Sparking Inspiration:  Living the Data Revolution"
Unfortunately this presentation is now postponed - a new date will be advised shortly.

Simon Moutter As Managing Director, Simon is responsible for the overall leadership, strategic direction and management of Spark New Zealand, through its various business divisions and the brands that provide digital services to millions of New Zealanders and thousands of New Zealand businesses. Simon has led the reinvention of Telecom to Spark New Zealand, in order to better reflect the new world of digital services in which the business now operates. As a passionate and committed Kiwi, his ambition is for Spark New Zealand to be a winning business, inspired by customers to unleash the potential in all New Zealanders. Simon returned to the business in mid-2012. He has a deep understanding of the industry, having managed most parts of Telecom in previous roles, most recently as Chief Operating Officer during the years 2003-2008. In the intervening years, he led Auckland International Airport for a period of four years in which he transformed the customer experience and delivered a significant uplift in its share price. Simon spent 13 years in the electricity and gas industry including as chief executive of Powerco (1992 to 1999). Simon has a Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Canterbury and a Bachelor's degree in Science from Massey University.

Simon will talk about the accelerating rate of change in the digital age, the data revolution, how Spark New Zealand is navigating this revolution, and what all this disruption means for modern business.

The world is changing - driven by new ways of communicating and ever-faster adoption of new technologies. This permanent revolution will have profound impacts on the ways individuals interact, companies do business, and different countries link to each other.

What skills will the next generation of business leaders need to take advantage of the opportunities on offer? How can companies keep up when competition can come from around the planet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in an instant? And how should New Zealand position itself in this fast-changing environment?

As Spark New Zealand adapts to its new role as a retail service provider, Simon sees an enormous opportunity for the company to reshape itself as a customer-centric business and to re-forge its deep links with New Zealanders.

Drawing on Spark New Zealand’s new focus, this seminar will focus on how we can take advantage of the Data Revolution and provide us with a glimpse of the future.

2014 Presentations

Friday 14 March 2014 - Dr Brad Jackson, Victoria University - "New Zealand as a testing ground for leadership"

Click here to read presentation

Click here to read Article

Friday 8 August 2014 - Mark Powell, CEO, The Warehouse - "The Warehouse Story:  Its Rise and Fall and Strategy to Rise Again"

Click here to view Mark's presentation

2013 Presentations

Friday 19 April 2013 - David Mace, ONZM, Consultant - Made in China - Made for China

Friday 3 May 2013 - Pat English, Executive Director, New Zealand China Council - "Success or failure in China: Where does the responsibility lie?"

28 June 2013 - Lain Jager, CEO, Zespri International Limited - "Differentiating kiwifruit in global markets and a snapshot of the Psa experience.
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26 July 2013 - Honourable Christopher Finlayson QC,  Attorney General, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Minister for Arts, Culture &Heritage and Associate Minister of Maori Affairs - "Post Settlement arrangements"

9 August 2013 - Henry van der Heyden, Chairman-Elect Auckland International Airport, Chairman Tainui Group Holdings

6 September 2013 - Dr Roger Hill, CEO, Hill Laboratories - Sharing the Journey

2012 presentations.

23 November 2012 - Annah Stretton
Click here to view presentation.

12 October 2012 - Jonathan Freeman
Click here to read presentation

28 September 2012 - Michael Swain
Click here to view presentation.
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14 September 2012 - Helen Green
Click here to read presentation

31 August 2012 - Gladwyn Mendez
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2 July 2012 - Mike Pohio
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22 June 2012 - David Irving
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25 May 2012 - Roger Wilson
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30 March 2012 - Wagner A. Kamakura
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30 March 2012 - Marnik G Dekimpe
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For 2011 Excellence in Practice series please click here to access information and presentations.

2011 Presentations

We are pleased to invite you to our Excellence in Practice Series featuring industry leaders from KPMG, Eventfinder Ltd and Vodafone talking about their experiences and how they have navigated through today's complexity of change.  

Friday 12th August 2011 - Leanne Pickering, KPMG - Organisation Design to support High Performance
Time:  1-2pm
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Organisation Design and Development is the art and science of developing, implementing and integrating organisational structures and systems that deliver the capabilities and performance required by the organisation's strategic intent.   To support the development of High Performing teams there needs to be a strategic alignment, design and model that supports the team.  Accountabilities and metrics are an integral part of this process.  Leanne leads the People and Change Advisory services for KPMG.  She has considerable experience in consulting and line management roles across a number of industries.  Leanne has been involved in a several large scale organisation design projects and will provide insight into what works in practice.

Leanne is an experienced consultant and manager with a strong focus on process efficiency and resource productivity. With an extensive background in Change Management; Business Analysis; System Implementation and Process Improvement; Leanne delivers effective business change. She utilises her strong planning and organisational skills, with a consideration of outcomes and people, to achieve results.

Friday 26th August  2011 - Perry Woolley, KPMG
Time:  1-2pm
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

"Business leaders should be aware that when talking about Strategic Planning, Investment Appraisal, Capital Budgeting, New Product Development, Organisational Change, Mergers & Acquisitions, Outsourcing etc., they are in fact generally talking about initiatives that translate into, and are executed through, projects.... they should therefore understand that project management is a key strategic tool to drive these initiatives, and to reap their business benefits. Those organisations that understand the vital importance of excelling at project management, and act upon it, will undoubtedly out-perform the opposition... "

Perry will discuss the above, in the light of KPMG's survey on the state of Project Management in NZ, other global perspectives and some case-studies.

Perry has a broad variety of project-management, systems development, implementation and IT consulting experience, for a range of clients across many industry sectors & geographies. He leads KPMG's Project Advisory service-capability.

Friday 9th September 2011 - Marc Potter, KPMG
Time:  1-2pm
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Organisations deploy "strategy" initiatives in addressing many different types of issues.  What is the meaning of strategy, what is its purpose and how does an organisation move from a strategic insight to actualisation?  Marc will discuss these concepts in the context of NZ as well as global enterprises, the use of frameworks and the role of strategist as change agent.

Friday 23rd September 2011 - Michael Turner, CEO, Eventfinder Ltd
Time:  1-2pm
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Digital strategist and successful entrepreneur, Michael is Chief Executive of Eventfinder Ltd, a technology platform for promotion, syndication and ticketing for the events and live entertainment industry.    Eventfinder has a dominant position in the New Zealand market, with a Top 30 website and syndication partnerships with major media including Yahoo, MSN, APN and Fairfax.    The Eventfinder Platform has been successfully licensed in Europe and is currently expanding into Australia and Asia and is seeking further  joint venture partners for other territories, particular the United States.   Michael will be telling the "unofficial" story of how he built Eventfinder into a successful multi-country business from his kitchen table using the JFDI methodology.

Friday 7th October 2011- Russell Stanners, CEO, Vodafone
Time:  1-2pm
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

An organisation's values shape and determine its destiny: hear from Vodafone New Zealand's CEO, Russell Stanners, about leading the journey to have every one of the company's people living The Vodafone Way.  Russell will outline the company's vision and values and recount how the organisation has transformed into one which our people understand why putting the customer at the heart of everything is key to improving business performance.

Friday 18th November 2011 - Natalie Sutherland, General Manager Marketing Strategy, Vodafone
Time:  1-2pm
MSB 1.02, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Has the role of brand and marketing communications become more or less important amidst rampant competition, media fragmentation and a technology revolution?

Natalie Sutherland, General Manager Marketing Strategy at Vodafone New Zealand will explore the impact of these trends through the lens of the Vodafone Brand.

Natalie is an experienced services marketer who has worked across a broad range marketing disciplines in financial services and more recently telecommunications.   Her current role is focussed on business and marketing strategy.

The presentations are free and places are limited, please RSVP to or 0800 800 891 at least one week before the presentation. 

Details for parking will be advised on receipt of confirmation. 

Below are the videos of the speakers who have presented in this series of presentations to date.  There are two versions depending on your operating system.


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