Waikato MBA Papers

Part One papers - Hamilton, Tauranga, Hopuhopu

Leading High-Performance Teams - EXED501

Enhance your understanding of the leader's role in building creative, innovative, high-performing teams; how to create systems and structures that develop a culture of high performance; and how to evaluate teams and individuals through coaching and performance feedback.  Learn more.

Strategic Thinking - EXED502

This paper looks at the importance of strategic planning and decision-making to address a firm's external dynamics and fully utilise its internal resources and capabilities. Analyses techniques will be connected with aspirational future thinking to create a practical action plan for the firm to excel. Learn more.

Economics and Global Competitiveness - EXED503

The global economic environment can have a significant impact on the performance of your business. Business owners need to constantly monitor and adjust to this dynamic environment, which gives rise to important opportunities and challenges.This paper blends theory and case studies to provide insights into practical business issues. Learn more.

Organisational Behaviour - EXED504

This paper is focused on effective communication for leaders as they connect people, ideas and actions within the complex business environment. Learn more.

Strategic Human Resource Practice - EXED505

This paper equips students with useful skills they can use in developing good HR practices. It will show you ways to critically evaluate existing practices and recommend and implement changes. Learn more.

Analytics and Digital Business - EXED521

Often termed as the ‘new gold’, big data is fundamentally changing the way that modern businesses operate in the global economy. Understanding how to use digital data to revolutionise an organisation's operations and generate fresh insights is critical for today's managers. Learn more.

Operations Management: Matching product and supply with demand - EXED507

This paper shows the integration between operations and supply chain management in achieving customer satisfaction and business competitiveness. This applies to product, production and to service industries. Learn more.

Marketing Practice - EXED508

Gain the skills needed to become a successful marketing practitioner. In this paper you will learn about strategic marketing concepts, develop a positioning strategy for an organisation, and apply a range of marketing mix tools to achieve your strategy. It will also enhance your understanding of customer attitudes, desires and behaviours. Learn more.

Financial and Managerial Accounting - EXED509

This paper explores the process of accounting for organisations from both a financial and managerial accounting perspective.You will examine the use of financial data for diagnosis and investment decision-making, and the impact of budgeting and measurement on managerial behavior. Learn more.

Financial Markets and Investment Strategy - EXED510

As organisations invest in capital projects, investment decision-making becomes crucial. You will apply investment appraisal techniques, deal with risk and uncertainty, and investigate financial systems where money can be accessed. Learn more.

Integrative Case Study - EXED511

This capstone paper seeks to integrate all your previoius learnings into a real case study. Students will work in teams to review the strategic position of a real-life organisation and develop specific strategic recommendations for the future. Learn more.