MBM papers

Leadership, Power and Influence - EXPM501

Leading people is core business for leaders and managers. This paper will draw on research to identify the characteristics of good leadership and find ways of developing them in yourself and others. It will also examine techniques for executing successful change management programmes. Learn more.

Organisational Culture and Communication - EXPM502

Communication is at the heart of all organisations, and managers are required to demonstrate exceptional interpersonal, intercultural and conflict and negotiation skills in every aspect of their jobs. It is also communication that determines the culture of an organisation and influences the way that sustainable success operates in the global context. Learn more.

Financial Analysis and Performance - EXPM503

An introduction to the concept of time value of money, the use of financial data for diagnosis and decision-making, and the impact of budgeting and measurement on managerial behaviour. Learn more.

Integrative Paper - Application and Reflection - EXPM504

This paper provides students with the opportunity to integrate the paper topics and apply theoretical concepts. Students will reflect on their learning journey through discussion, presentation and written communication. Learn more.

Human Resource Management - EXPM505

This paper deals with personnel and human resource management. It ensures that participants have a clear understanding of the nature of workplace relationships, and the legal and social environments in which these relationships occur. Learn more.

Economics for Managers - EXPM506

This paper challenges participants' economic thinking at macro and micro levels, as well as blending theory and real-world examples to gain insight into practical business issues. Learn more.

Strategic Management - EXPM507

This paper introduces the tools for analysing markets, industries, and companies, evaluating strategic capability and crafting the insights that lead to sustainable competitive advantage. Learn more.

Sustainability Strategies for Organisations - EXPM508

This paper provides sustainability perspectives for organisations, including corporate social responsibility. It examines how the environmental dimension adds an important layer to the challenges management faces, and identifies new business strategies for sustainability-driven innovation and growth. The concept of the 'triple bottom line' connects the social and environmental impact of an organisation's activities to its economic performance. Learn more.

Business Research Project - EXPM509

This paper provides an opportunity to investigate a topic in depth. Participants learn how to review existing research literature in a topic area and use electronic databases for business research. The paper also covers the development of a research proposal, planning and completing a research project. Learn more.

Marketing - EXPM510

This paper introduces the essentials of strategic marketing planning, customer and market analysis, strategy formulation and implementation, and control. Learn more.

Global Business - EXPM511

This paper has two goals - to develop the international cultural understanding of participants; and to introduce key aspects of specific international markets. Learn more.

Commercial Law and Corporate Governance - EXPM512

This paper reviews the legal framework for business operations. It considers business ethics and corporate governance for sustainable outcomes. Learn more.

Digital Business - EXPM513

In today's fast-moving digital environment, managers need to be familiar with developing trends and digital analytics. This paper blends practical exercises with application analysis to develop skills and understanding of the digital business world. Learn more.

Decisions and Supply Chain Management - EXPM514

This paper is concerned with the development, use and management of information in organisations. It illustrates the role of information systems in decision-making and supply chain management. Learn more.

Action Learning Project - EXPM515

The Action Learning Project allows participants to apply their knowledge through practical work experience in a local business. The paper is based on the knowledge that taught materials are better understood when applied in the context of action learning, where participants are given an opportunity to drive projects themselves. Learn more.

Design Thinking and Innovation - EXPM516

Business and governments have recognised the benefits of using design thinking as a strategic tool for innovation and to understand the users of products and services in a more human-centred way. This paper will introduce students to design thinking to innovate and humanise change in business and society. Learn more.