MBA international study tour

2018 - MBA Study Tour of London

In November 2018, Waikato MBA students went on a study tour to London. Building on the successful tour of 2017, the MBA class visited a number of innovative organisations:

  • A day at Barclays Bank with alumnus Adrian Smith, Digital Business Director, working on a client problem presenting solutions to the senior executive team of the bank's digital division.
  • A visit to Plexal Technology and Innovation centre, home to a large number of Fintec firms.
  • A morning at Aviva Digital Garage with Blair Turnball, Managing Director of Aviva, and Owen Morris, who outlined the online mobile platform for insurance and explained how data was driving and changing the industry.
  • Virgin Start-Up with alumnus Luke Pharaoh, an entrepreneur and lending manager. Luke talked us through the start-up market in the UK and how Virgin Group is actively supporting new businesses to succeed.
  • The team spent time at Yahoo! with Chris Morris, Senior Optimisation Strategist, and got up close with how marketing companies use data to directly target customers with customised marketing.
  • Nick Swallow NZTE Trade =Commissioner, talked about Brexit and both the challenges surrounding how to exit and also the implications for NZ trade.
  • Margreet Papamichael Yntema, of Clear Associates, gave a presentation on business trends and radical changes to how business will be conducted in the future.