Papers for the PGDipMgtSt

Leadership, Power and Influence - EXMBA500

This course will develop students' ability to lead business organisations. Through the application of leadership knowledge and skill, students will be able to evaluate the antecedents and outcomes of effective leadership.  Learn more.

Applied Strategy and Marketing - EXMBA501

This paper applies key strategic and marketing frameworks and tools to the analysis of real organisations, and then develops strategies to enhance their customer-centric positioning and performance. Learn more.

Strategic Human Resource Management - EXMBA502

Students will critically assess HR practices for their strategic suitability, as a means to influence employee performance-related behaviour or the organisation's human capital, with the goal of improving organisational performance. Learn more.

Analytics and Digital Business - EXMBA503

Often termed as the 'new gold', the large amount of digital data available to businesses today has the potential to generate new insights and disrupt traditional business operations. This paper addresses key digital business opportunities and risks, with a specific focus on how to create business value from big data. Learn more.

Economics and Global Competitiveness - EXMBA504

This paper introduces economic perspectives in business decision-making at the micro, macro, and global levels. It shows how changes in the economic environment give rise to opportunities and challenges for businesses. Learn more.

Operations and Supply Change Management - EXMBA505

This paper covers important concepts, issues, practices, and decision-making tools related to manufacturing operations, service operations, and supply chain management, from both a strategic and operational perspective. Learn more.

Financial and Managerial Accounting - EXMBA506

This paper is about the financial management of organisations and covers financial management accounting, KPIs, taxation, audit, and voluntary disclosures such as CSR. Learn more.

Financial Strategy and Markets - EXMBA507

This paper provides participants with exposure as to why individuals and businesses should invest, the frameworks and mechanisms to support investment strategies, and metrics and performance assessment tools. Learn more.