MBM papers

Part One - Laying the Foundations

EXMBM511 People in Organisations

Managers are required to demonstrate exceptional interpersonal, intercultural and negotiation skills in every aspect of their jobs. Communication, organisational behaviour and HRM issues determine the culture of successful organisations. Learn more.

EXMBM512 Leadership and Change Management

This paper helps participants to identify their leadership potential and discusses the role of leaders in a complex and continually changing environment. Learn more.

EXMBM513 Sustainability and Responsible Management

Sustainability is considered as a platform for business in the future. This paper will discuss strategies for sustainable business in the global economy. Learn more.

EXMBM514 Economics and Global Context

This paper introduces economic decision-making at the micro and macro level within a global context. It provides real-world examples to gain insight into practical business issues. Learn more.

Part Two - The Manager's Toolbox

EXMBM521 Strategic Management and Decision Making

This paper focuses on long-range decision-making in firms and in the student's personal and professional lives. Theory and practical examples are blended to develop skills in strategic planning and decision-making. Learn more.

EXMBM522 Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is at the heart of any successful organisation - it's about understanding and creating customer value. This paper introduces the essentials of customer and market analysis, plus strategy formulation and implementation. Learn more.

EXMBM523 Digital Business & Supply Chain Management

All businesses today are digital businesses, so today's managers need to understanding developing trends and digital analytics. In this paper, students will also learn about the role of information systems in decision-making, operational and supply chain systems, and the design and control of the production of distribution of goods. Learn more.

EXMBM524 Financial Analysis and Performance

An introduction to the concept of time value of money, the use of financial data for diagnosis and decision-making, and the impact of budgeting and measurement on managerial behaviour. Learn more.

Part Three - Creating Value for Business

EXMBM531 Applied Research and Consultancy Practices

Students will undertake an applied research project and present it together with a consultancy report. The paper looks at research methods, using electronic databases for business research, and ethical business practices. Students will also gain experience of work-integrated learning. Learn more.

EXMBM532 Managing Innovation and Value Creation

This paper introduces a series of tools that enables students to create, test, refine, package and deliver a business opportunity. Learn more.

EXMBM533 Action Learning Project

The Action Learning Project enables students to apply their business knowledge through one month of practical work experience at a local company, where they will be given an opportunity to drive projects. Learn more.