Start playing

Play sports, play on the computer, play on social media, play in the digital world. You need to be computer literate and you must be comfortable with the common office software: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. You will rely on digital equipment for connectivity throughout the programme. You will submit your assignments online, email your teachers, your workgroup and Ditha, the programme coordinator.

The Waikato Management School has a staff and student portal called Moodle.

You will be admitted to an MBM College which will provide you with a "home" bringing motivation and fun through the year. These colleges will also provide MBM alum Mentors from each college providing the support and guidance you require. There will be different college activities during your year with us.

Gym membership is available at the university for UniRec. We recommend you use your Christmas break to prepare for the leadership trek. Get fit for Te Aroha!

All UniRec memberships include free access to a vast range of resources including; Group Exercise classes, REV Indoor Cycling classes, Endless Swimming Pools, Squash Courts and the Sports Hall, as well as free 8-weekly Exercise Consultations.