Start reading

If you have reached this page and diligently read all the resources we have given you, then you have already started reading. You will need to understand, speak, read and write English at a high level of proficiency to be successful in your MBM programme. This is a reading intensive course, so start reading. Books, magazines, newspapers, comics… just do it! Consciously increase the depth and breadth of your reading. We recommend that you read national and international newspapers, with a focus on financial and business news, so that you know what is going on in the world. Prepare informally through the English language media, especially those channels dealing with business and global issues. Make sure you understand what they are saying.

Read about New Zealand. This is your home for the next year, so get to know it. You will need to develop your communication skills to a very high degree. Start writing, start typing – get used to it. You will be doing a lot of reading and writing in the next year – we are not kidding you!

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