The MBM student experience

Broaden your global horizons

Waikato Management School has a vibrant student culture and provides a supportive learning environment.

Your classmates in the MBM will come from diverse countries and cultural backgrounds. This may prove challenging at first as you need to adjust to everyone's different communication styles and ways of working.

But you'll soon find that it broadens your international cultural outlook and improves your teamwork skills.

More importantly, it will provide you with a strong global network of close friends and business contacts in the future.

Good times outside the classroom

Throughout the course, you’ll be invited to take part in many fun social activities to help you bond with your classmates – such as hiking up a mountain for the day, playing a game of football, or taking part in a talent contest!

Here are some comments made by our students:

  • "Wonderful…you’ll be surprised at the amount of practical learning you get.”
  • "It's a great place to study ... You will love the nature and the people here."
  • "The knowledge and tools that you gain are something you will not regret."
  • “Waikato University’s Management School is fantastic with the support you receive from staff and students”.

Waikato MBM Facebook page

Would you like to talk to other students already taking part in Waikato's MBM programme, and ask them questions about their experience?

Would you like to make contact with other international students travelling from India, China and other countries before you even arrive in New Zealand?

Check out the University of Waikato MBM Facebook page, where MBM students at Waikato can connect with each other!

Please post a question, or send a private message, and you'll receive a response from a current student within a few hours.

Student clubs on campus

You can also make new friends through a variety of student clubs:

Check out the Waikato Management School Facebook page for the latest news and events.

Language and learning support

For expert advice on writing essays and reports, contact our team of specialist teachers in the WMS Language and Learning Development Unit , located in the Management Student Centre (MSB1.50).